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      Collect us- Message- Chinese- English Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Xinyou Viscose Products Co., Ltd.

      12 years focus on adhesive products productionDomestic Leading Manufacturers of Polymer Optical Materials for Special Adhesive Products


      Hot keywords: Double sided adhesive   Masking tape   Foam rubber

      Hot product特色產品

      greenAdhesive productsFully meet your technical requirements

      StrengthScientific research strength

      • 裕陽集團
      • 橫店東磁
      • 藍思科技
      • 南玻集團
      • ?捷普
      • 江西合力泰
      • 我們會按照客戶不同的材料及粘性要求背膠加工成:油膠、水膠、熱熔膠、可移膠、間隔膠等背膠涂布整體解決方案,離型紙或離型膜按照客戶要求指定,適合各行業廠家的需求。


      There are 6 professional technology research laboratories: Nanomaterials Research Laboratory Polymer Materials Laboratory Viscosity Testing Laboratory Adhesive formulation Laboratory Product quality inspection room Surface paste technology laboratory         

      Analysis test center分析檢測中心

      ccording to SGS and CTI testing standards, it not only has the ability to test and analyze the physical and chemical properties of all products and raw materials of the company, but also has the comprehensive ability to analyze and test the properties of products in the application field. The testing center has complete standardized research and development facilities and various modern testing instruments and equipment, and undertakes the testing technology. Technical research, test standard formulation and performance analysis and detection tasks.  

      U-Will· Environmental glue specialists around youImprove the service system and the worldwide marketing network.

      Service Hotline:13925760585

      WHYWhy do you choose new friends?

      Rich industry experience 豐富的行業經驗

      We have been committed to the processing, R&D and innovation of high-quality environmental protection backing rubber products. From the initial raw material procurement to the processing of high-precision coating pipeline equipment, the company has consistently adhered to the use of high-quality products widely praised in the market.

      First class business cooperation 一流的商務合作

      Based on the premise of "no morality and no business", the products processed are 100% feet, 100% feet, 100% feet, and no Jerry building.

      Superior geographical location 優越的地理位置

      Efficient team operation and short delivery cycle. We tailor products to you according to the characteristics of the industry. The company is located in Dongguan, a famous manufacturing city, with all kinds of transportation to all parts of the country, and the goods are delivered on the same day in accordance with the orders of conventional inventory products.

      Create a mutually beneficial and strategic community專業的售后服務

      100% guarantee of return and exchange without reason. Over the years, we have formed perfect pre-sale and after-sale service. Once quality problems arise, we can provide compensation guarantee, so that you can cooperate without worries.


      aboutEntering U-Will

      Dongguan Xin you Wei Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of polymer optical materials for special adhesive products in China. Founded in 2011, the company is located in Dongguan, a famous manufacturing city. we now have our own brand and independent property rights. Improve the service system and worldwide marketing network, the company mainly produces PET protective film, PE protective film, PP protective film, ITO protective film, PU protective film, acid and alkali resistant protective film, wafer cutting UV film.......


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